Saturday, 6 January 2007

Great idea to make money - Pixelotto

Can you imagine some people come up with simple way to make money as much as a million dollar as proved by then 21-year old, Alex Tex. He managed to rake in believe to be around $1,037,100. in about 5 months by selling 1 pixel for $1.00 in his famous 'million dollar homepage'. You can read more on Tex's success story in Wikipedia.

Now his has launched a new site called Pixelotto.Now, you can be part of it (if you lucky) by winning 1 million dollar in a draw.

You simply register and click ad on the page. You have 10 clicks per day. You accumulated entry from your clicks until the draw takes place. Your previous click will be highlighted so you shouldn't worry about clicking any ad twice.

One month after all the ad space had been sold, one ad is selected at random and a winner is chosen from all those people who clicked that correct ad (it might be you). The winner will also get to nominate a charity of their choice to receive $100,000.

Pretty neat right. You got a chance to win $1 million dollar plus $100,000 for charity. As now, there are still a lot of ad space still available so you can still register now and start clicking. Register now.

Note that last time, the 'milliondollarhomepage' took about 5 months to achieve (believe to be around) $1,037,100. So there is still time to enter. He just launched it on 5th Dec 2006. Who knows your luck is finally here. Best of all. It's free.

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