Monday, 1 January 2007

Free Web counter

Web counter is important so that you know exactly how many person come to visit your blog. This is what I did to this blog.

Well, first I try Neocounter.I used it since I know how many visitors and from which countries. It is nice to know where they come from. You can put a reall nice visible counter on your site like this.

I found that one of my visitor came from Spain.I embedded the
invisible script in this blog and also the visible one as you can see
on the right of this blog.There are alsoNeoEarth (it display your visitors on world map) and NeoBoard.

After some times, I'm wondering if the statistic is true, so I try another program. I use Statcounter. I put the invisible script and wait for the result. After a few days, well the statistic is the same with Neocounter.

Then I come across Google analytical program. So rather than removing my other counters, I put this counter in this blog. The result shown like this

Please remember to click an option to exclude your own visit as a count.

So,in total I have 3 web counters in this blog and there are all free. I must be mad putting all these counters.

It really excites me as a beginner to see the number and where they coming from. It worth to know at least some people reading my blog.

I'm not sure which one is the best yet. All of them are good. So try yourself and decide which one is good for you.

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